On May 23, 2019, Secretary-General Chen Weiyu led the team, and Mr. Liu Shuntai, Vice President Su Xiaofeng, Vice President Liu Shoujian, and Deputy Secretary-General Chen Qiulin and with the delegation of 22 members of the Malaysian Chinese Chamber of Commerce visit and inspect Mr.huolang. Mr. Zhou Jianqiao, the chairman of Mr.huolang, personally received the chairman of Liu Shuntai and his party.




At three o’clock in the afternoon, the member of the delegation arrived at the headquarters of Mr.huolang. Mr. Zhou Jianqiao introduced the exhibition hall and the situation of the exhibition hall, the supply chain model, and the development of independent brands. He said that  Yiwu small commodities is comprehensive and grow fast in the world.

Mr.huolang is located in the district five of Yiwu International Trade City. It gathers the most abundant market information on the production, consumption, and circulation of small commodities




Mr.huolang connected Yiwu and even the country’s small commodity manufacturing source, realizing the direct connection of goods from factory to consumer, simplifying the supply chain, significantly reducing product costs, and also speeding up the goods entering to the market. This advantage is better than other traditional supermarket supply chain.



Zhou Jianqiao also said that the current tens of thousands of SKUs in the exhibition hall are the excellent products left after years of continuous screening and change.

However, in the face of differences in foreign living habits and consumption habits, our products need further selection. Mr.huolang is speeding up the development of self-owned brand products, unifying product packaging designs and styles, and building a solid foundation and strength for the international market.


Subsequently, the two sides held a discussion meeting in the conference room on the third floor to exchange views and explore cooperation models. At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Zhou Jianqiao expressed warm welcome to all the guests and introduced the business model, market overview, business situation, enterprise advantages and future development plans to Mr. Liu Shuntai.  after listening, President Liu Shuntai highly appreciated the development of Mr.huolang.


Zhou Jianqiao stressed that going to the international market is the general direction of Mr.huolang’s future development.


In 2017, the company had begun to plan to open up foreign markets, and relocated its headquarters to the five-zone market of the International Trade City, fully docking global merchants and embracing the international market.

At present, Mr.huolang is advancing the internationalization strategy in an orderly manner, actively responding to the national “Belt and Road” call, Mr.huolang established an overseas business unit and receiving customers from Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, and other countries to work together to explore the international markets of Southeast Asia and South Asia. The department stores will bring local products and at the same time, it will also introduce local specialty products to meet the needs of the domestic consumer market and achieve mutual benefit and development.


The symposium was filled with laughter and joy, which also laid a solid foundation for further good cooperation. Because of the opportunity of the visit of the President of the Malaysian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Sabah State Branch, Liu Shuntai,  Mr.huolang is looking forward to strengthen the liaison and communication between the two sides and hope to jointly develop the Malaysian market, and bring Mr.huolang’s “high quality and beautiful price”to Malaysia consumer.


Post time: Jul-07-2021