• 01 Brand Advantage

    More than 700 franchised stores in China are located in the first-line shopping circles.  Reputation and consumer loyalty are increasing day by day, and brand valuation is as big as 5 billion RMB.

  • 02 Product Advantage

    International designer team and experienced purchasing team, keep up with the fashion trend. More than 5ooo+ fashion products, 3oo+new products on the market every month.

  • 03 Supply Chain Advantage

    With supply stability, controllable quality procurement, 1000+ high-quality factories cooperate directly, reduce the intermediate link to reduce costs, protect the interests of partners, and achieve win-win!

  • 04 Business School Advantage

    With 12 team incubation training and experienced industry lecturers to teach shop operation. Customizing the shop's design and training sales system.

  • 05 Service Advantage

    More than ten years of experience in department stores and chain industries,  700+ physical retail stores, and  professional customer service. The gold medal supervisory team, scientific and rigorous service system.


More than twenty years of improvement, Mr. huolang's supply chain system has been a leading brand in the department store and retail industry.
responding the national strategy "one belt one road,"  Mr. huolang had expanded the international market and global expansion with the" whole store output model." it amis to creating a new chapter in the department store and retail industry and achieve win-win!

Strong brand effect

More than 700 franchised stores in China are located in the first-line shopping circles. Established a brand image of “cheap, convenience, superior quality, and multiple products” to customers. Reputation and consumer loyalty are increasing day by day.

Precise marketing promotion

Mr. huolang fully supports the promotion of various franchise supermarkets, including image promotion, opening planning, promotion plans, and store design.

Competitive product advantage

Mr. huolang has formed a strategic alliance with over 5,000 factories to ensure the price and quality competitiveness of commodities with large-scale procurement. More than 35,000  products supplied at ex-factory prices.

Precise market position

According to the market, people consumption level, shopping habits, and significant consumer groups, Mr. huolang's products keep up with the market demand to organize products and set prices.

A good after-sales service

After more than 20 years of development, Mr. huolang has established a perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system, different products that have excellent after-sales service, which to ensure the customer has a pleasant shopping experience.

Unique brand

Mr. huolang owns his factory, brands, and more than   700 franchised stores in China. It focuses on the production of hardware, daily necessities, stationaries, and jewelry, etc.

Excellent management team

The management team decided the company's development lifeline. After more than 20 years of development, Mr. huolang has established an efficient and professional team including Warehousing Department, Sales Department, Marketing Department, Commodity Department, Packaging Department, Information Department, Financial Department, Procurement Department, Logistics Department and Operation Department and so on.

Mature business philosophy

After more than ten years of development, Mr. Huolang has formed a complete and mature business philosophy; the company is in sync with the market and the world.