• Mr. huolang Crystal Glass Ashtray

    Mr. huolang Crystal Glass Ashtray

    product information

    • Brand: Crystal glass ashtray

    • Item No.: HL-1331

    • Material: glass

    • Color Classification:

    Square trumpet 10.5*3.5cm

    Square large 17.5*4.5cm

    Round medium 13*4.2cm

    Diamond corrugated round trumpet 13*3cm

    Diamond corrugated round large 19*5cm

    Round trumpet 10.5*3.5cm

    • Packing: Softcover

  • Mr. huolang Ceramic Vase Home Decoration

    Mr. huolang Ceramic Vase Home Decoration

    • Brand: Mr.huolang

    • Item No.: HL-1330

    • Material: Ceramic

    • Style: simple and modern

    • Place of Origin: Mainland China

    • Color classification: blue trumpet pink trumpet gray trumpet blue large pink large gray large

    • Size/Processing Method: Large

    • Item: Small fresh desktop vase

    • Application Scenario: Living room home decoration water planting flowers

    • Design concept: simple and freehand bottle body line, rich texture gives people a sense of comfort, and fully demonstrates the quality.

    • Bottle mouth: the toughness of porcelain, delicate and clean, sober and elegant, stable and generous. It is creamy and has an ivory texture.

    • Non-slip shading: The base is made of velvet round non-slip cushion to ensure non-slip and avoid scratching the furniture.