With more than ten years of brand expansion, the shop of Mr. Huolang has covered 26 Chinese provinces, and open more than 700 stores. Mr. Huolang has gradually formed its domestic market layout. Entering overseas markets will be a new opportunity for Mr. Huolang.


On March 1, 2020, The first overseas shop of "Mr.huolang" opened in Ipoh, the capital of Perak, the third-largest state in Malaysia.

"Mr.huolang" shop in Ipoh has a business area of 250 square meters and is located near the commercial street in the city centre. The investor, Mrs Xu, has done business in Malaysia for more than ten years and has a thorough knowledge of the Malaysian consumer market. She learned about Mr.huolang's brand through a friend's and visited the headquarters twice. She discussed with Mr Chen ( The overseas operation Manager ) and Miss Zhang ( The overseas operator) on Mr.huolang's business model, product situation, project cooperation, and foreign development planning. Mrs Xu is full of confidence in the development of "Mr.huolang" in the Malaysian market.

"Mr.huolang" is targeted at young consumers aged 15 to 35. 

The category covers ten significant categories, such as skincare and beauty, digital accessories, trendy jewellery, and craft gifts. Mr.huolang is more fashionable in terms of products, positioning, and design, and aims to meet the needs of the market while highlighting the differentiated brand image.

Ipoh, a city that perfectly integrates eastern and western cultures, has retained many Chinese-style buildings and catering habits during the process of westernization. The city's living culture, business environment and domestic differences are small, and small commodities can be better adapted—local consumer demand. "Mr.huolang" brings Malaysian citizens "high quality, good price" quality domestic products; at the same time, the exchange and integration of different cultures will help Mr.huolang explore new models of international market cooperation and link to more overseas resources accelerate the pace of internationalization.

Post time: Jul-07-2021