From July 9th to 10th, 2019, the 37th course of the Commodity Learning Conference hold by  Mr.huolang Business School, which attracted many store managers to participate and received an enthusiastic response.


At the beginning of the course, Mr. Zhou Jianqiao, the chairman of Yiwu Mr.huolang Trading Co., Ltd., gave a speech and shared that Mr.huolang  explored the high-end route of department stores unwaveringly. From Ningbo Wuyue Plaza Store to Shangrao Wuyue Plaza Store, Mr.huolang  was improved form the space and service in two years; Zhou Jianqiao took Anhui Fu Wanda Plaza Store and Huaibei Wanda Plaza as a case to share from five aspects: attracting crowds, display, pricing, marketing, and membership. He emphasized that commodities are the core elements of consumers' brand awareness and purchasing decisions, while competitiveness is on comfortable experience, precise marketing, reasonable pricing, and high-viscosity membership management. The problem combined with the improvement method,  Zhou Jianqiao‘s speech made people re-recognize retail.

The second dominant class of the training session was delivered by Mrs. Liu Kun, a senior consultant of Mr.huolang. She set NITORI as a case, which was hailed as “the best version of IKEA” and “the cheap version of MUJI.”

From the perspective of consumers, she analyzed the details of NITORI in product design, display, marketing, etc., and guides the store manager to change their  thinking and mentality, reposition their role, and advance from essential management to depth to become the "soul of the store." After listening from Liu Kun’s course, the store managers expressed their interest and interest.

With the development of the industry, past promotion methods have become less effective, and the same activities are difficult to attract consumers' attention. How to do store marketing activities? At the training meeting, Xia Min, general manager of the region, shared the case of Shangrao Wuyue Plaza store. He pointed out that marketing should change the way of thinking from the experience of consumers' visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, and taste senses, connecting goods, scenes, services, and experiences as the main line.Multi-dimensional and Multi-link  design to create marketing points, affecting consumers' minds, stimulating consumer desires, thus to find  new customers, retaining and transforming them into loyal members.

After the theoretical training, the three general managers of the region led the shop managers to visit and study the Mr.huolang shop’s  layout of the products, excellent display skills, marketing, etc. in Yiwu Wuyue Plaza store, and they considered  the current training courses, thinking about  their own stores' shortcomings and exploring how to  improve.

At this point, the 37th course of the Commodity Learning Conference of Mr.huolang Business School ended successfully! Experienced sharing, field study, the theory of the instructors combined with practice, guide the store managers to understand the true meaning of the store operation management, develop the store manager's thinking and improve the store manager's mentality. It hopes that the store managers will apply the training into the daily management, to bring a better consumer experience for each customer, and create a better future.

Post time: Jul-07-2021