Mr. huolang Cute Pet Porcelain Bowl

Adjustable iPad Stand, Tablet Stand Holders。

product information

• Brand: Mr.huolang

• Item No.: HL-1332

• Material: Porcelain

• Pattern: cute pet

• Style: Japanese

• Place of Origin: Mainland China

• Popular elements: soft cute healing system

• Bowl diameter: 5 inches

• Tea tableware craft: underglaze

• Applicable people: the public

• Scope of application: microwave oven, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, refrigerator

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product information
Brand: Mr.huolang
Item No.: HL-1332
Material: Porcelain
Pattern: cute pet
Style: Japanese
Place of Origin: Mainland China
Popular elements: soft cute healing system
Bowl diameter: 5 inches
• Color Classification:
Husky Series·Small Husky Bowl (1) 12.5cm 15.4cm Husky Large Bowl (1) 15.4cm Dalmatian Large Bowl (1) 15.4cm Pug Large Bowl (1) Husky Square Plate (1) 22cm Husky Spoon (1)
Giraffe series 5 inch bowl 6 inch bowl 5.5 inch noodle bowl 6 inch double ear noodle bowl 8 inch disc 9 inch single handle baking pan 10 inch double ear plate 10 inch oval baked rice baking plate 11.5 inch double ear plate 10.5 inch lotus double Ear plate breakfast milk pot + milk pot plate spoon breakfast cup
Unicorn series · 3 piece set (5 inch + plate + spoon) 4 pieces
Tea tableware craft: underglaze
Applicable people: the public
Scope of application: microwave oven, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, refrigerator
The surface is smooth, with rounded corners and easy to clean.
The embossed design is vivid and three-dimensional, and the touch is real.
High temperature resistant, microwave sterilization can be assured.
Rich in color and delicate in touch.
Turning cooking into a culinary art, the senses and soul can truly feel joy.
Healthy tableware, fashionable and versatile, bring furniture taste upgrade.
The vivid and cute shape will show you the memories of childhood, which belongs to both the baby and the childlike you.
The lively and cute kitten image, the Chinese style has always been innocent and comfortable, the glaze is smooth and delicate, and the touch is warm. It is very suitable to decorate all kinds of Western food for breakfast.
Regarding maintenance: Please add detergent with warm water, scrub with a sponge or soft cloth, do not use steel balls or rough brushes to wipe, so as to avoid damage and scratches to the enamel.
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