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• Product Name: Glass Oil Can

• Product ID: 1333

• Capacity: 501mL and above

• Material: glass food PP grade

• Brand: Mr-huolang

• Gross weight: 0.5kg

• Item No.: 7573

• Packing volume: 16*15*25

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product information
Product Name: Glass Oil Can
Product ID: 1333
Capacity: 501mL and above
Material: glass food PP grade
Brand: Mr.huolang
Gross weight: 0.5kg
Item No.: 7573
Packing volume: 16*15*25
Color Classification: Khaki Small 550ML, Cherry Purple Small 550ML, Lake Green Small 550ML, Khaki Large 650ML, Cherry Purple Large 650ML, Lake Green Large 650ML
Usage scenarios: cooking oil, soy sauce vinegar, cooking wine
Pot lid-prevent outside dust and insects from entering, keep the bottle clean at all times.
SpoutUse the spout to easily control the amount of oil output, the oil is smooth, no oil, no drip.
Sealing ring-non-toxic and odorless, improve airtightness, effectively prevent oil leakage, safe and sanitary.
Wide-mouth bottle design-easy to clean, the cup and pot brush can easily reach the bottom of the pot.
Handle-ergonomic handle, easy to pour oil, and feel more comfortable.
Accurate oil control, solve the cumbersome life, tidy the kitchen, a good helper for condiment storage, and easily solve the mess in the kitchen.
Glass material, recyclable, easy to clean, stylish, compact and convenient. Transparent bottle body, the oil quantity can be seen, the oil, wine, sauce and vinegar are clear at a glance.
An easy-to-use oil jug that makes cooking easy. This glass oil jug is accurate in pouring oil without wasting, and one-handed operation is more worry-free. The deliciousness is all under control. One bottle of soy sauce vinegar makes cooking taste just right.
Mr.huolang is driven by innovation and led by experienced designers. From commodities to space, create a design-oriented home life experience. The headquarters has established in-depth cooperative relations with the world's top high-quality commodity suppliers, eliminating brand premiums and middlemen links, and directly supplying consumer terminals through factory procurement, so that consumers can get more benefits.
Oil can
Oil can
Oil can
Oil can

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